Hello everyone!

My name is Caitlin. I am a small town girl, who was lucky enough to marry her HighSchool sweetheart, a small town guy, Kurt. We have two beautiful girls, Kenley who is 7, and Rylan who is 4. And our newest little addition to the family, a tiny toy malti-poo Finn. Or as I like to call him my little foo-fighter. (Don’t ask why, I don’t have a reason 🙂 )

Our life is more like a controlled chaos. Between carpool for school, a new puppy, working with my dad at his seed corn company, cleaning, cooking, and just life somehow I stay busy enough. Then my hunky hubby has a full time job with a crop adjusting company, the farm, the cows, and all those things that go with it, he stays MORE than busy.

So why High Maintenance?

Well, I have been teased a time or two for showing up to a hog show, or moving cattle done up. I’m that girl that loves to have a good tan. I LOVE having my lashes on or extensions done. My love for clothes goes deep. Everything about clothes: shopping for them, wearing them different ways, and pushing myself just a little out of my comfort zone at times.

A lot in my life I have thought that if I lived somewhere like L.A. I could dress how I truly want, and I could become a personal shopper. I mean honestly how fun would that be?!?! LOVE sharing my beauty find, and tips with anyone who will listen. My eating habits even seem a little high maintenance, but NOT by choice!! Certain foods cause horrible headaches for me so I am fairly limited as to what good food I can eat.

So this will become my avenue for all things that go on here at the farm, some recipes that have worked well for me and that I can’t go without, and all things beauty and clothes!! I hope you enjoy this crazy ride with us!


  1. Linda Hamstra says:

    This is so cool Cait 😀😀. I look forward to following your blog (even though I know you pretty well and alot that goes on over there). Love you guys😍😍

    1. caitlinhamstra says:

      Love you too ♥️♥️😘😘

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