Corn Salsa

Going to a BBQ soon and need to bring a side dish? Want something fresh to munch on at home? Want to add something to your grilled fish or chicken breast? Then trust me when I say you are going to want this recipe. It is absolutely one of my favorites to throw together, and it’s so refreshing.

I went to a tasting at a local restaurant and they had something that was seriously delicious!!! And I knew that I had to replicate it somehow! So as soon as I left, to Google I went. There were a few and so I just pieced them together into this yummy package!

As I am stating below, this recipe will not include any measurements. And if you know me you wont be surprised by this. You know I hate measuring things. But all of this is done by taste, and preference. If you don’t like a lot of cilantro, don’t add a lot. If you are making it for a crowd, then go in between with the cilantro, or the onions.

If you make this let me know how much you love this! Because I can absolutely guarantee that you will love this and will have to have your husband physically take the bowl and chips away from you! I mean… maybe that’s never happened to me.

But serve this with chips, or put it on your chicken or fish tacos. Its the best little addition to anything!

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