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I am so glad that you all joined for Amazon Share week! And so glad that I could share some of my favorites with you! unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to add my link yet on Instagram for an item, I need ALOT more followers for that :). But I wanted to make a quick post to have all of the links in one spot for you! This may not be in the order that I show them on stories, so keep scrolling. And if for some reason I share something that isn’t on here, just ask me for the link.

Insanely comfortable;

Next up are these sheets. I was seriously so hesitant about these because of the price, but the reviews on these were so good I had to try them! They keep you cooler at night than other sheets that I have used. And man, do I like that! Not sure about you guys but I have to be really cold in order to sleep good.


For your lips:

This stuff have been a saving grace for my lips so far this winter. I am not ashamed to say I have 5 tubes of this around so I don’t have to go searching too hard for it. My lips get very chapped and flaky in the winter, and sometimes just plain hurt. But so far this has been incredible! And I love that it has a tint to it. Or you can buy it without the tint, whatever your heart desires!!


For your hair;

Have you ever gotten a blow out? No worries I haven’t either. But do you love how your hair feels when you leave the salon? Yep! I do to. Well this will give you that feeling all the time. The feeling that you went and had a professional do your hair! I love the way my hair feels after I use this. So soft, yet has a lot of volume to it. Just be sure that you air dry your hair at least 70% and use a good heat protectant with it. The heat on this is crazy high. But it does have a low and a cool setting as well.

This is even good if you are needing to give your hair a little pick me up in the morning. Just put it in the cool setting and run it through your hair a few times to give it a little more life!


Need a new comforter?

After scouring Amazon and having at least 5 new comforters in my cart I finally decided on this one. And I am so happy that I did. It’s really light weight, easy to wash, super easy to style, and just so dang pretty. I’m simple and crisp looking, without having to pay and arm and a leg. Having a husband, a dog, and 2 girls this has held up great after already being washed multiple times! And I love the quilted looking details to it.


Something for your feet;

Another blogger showed these slippers and I was looking for a new pair, so I figured I would give them a chance. They are great! They do have a small platform to them so there is a tiny bit of height, but it’s not something I mind at all. For the price they have held up fantastic, and are still very soft! They do have other colors. But I totally recommend these! They would be a great gift option as well.


Who doesn’t need a new sweater;

This sweater is one of my favorites! It’s really soft, and great quality. The high low cut of it makes it perfect to cover your tooshie, whether your in shorts, jeans, or leggings. There are multiple colors in this one. But I needed a good dark blue color and that’s what I got. This sweater is definitely one of the ones in my closet I would always recommend!


Add a little leopard in your life;

So every winter I like to get at least one good hat and pair of gloves. And this year I wanted something other than the solid colors I usually go for. I saw these and fell in love. They are great quality, so soft, and just such a great statement. These are some of my favorite pieces I have gotten this winter. So cute right?!?!?



**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that I do make a small commission off of. This supports me and what I am doing here on the blog. Thank you!

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