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So, other than buying the men in my life a Christmas gift, I always struggle finding something for my girls teachers. What is the right gift to show our appreciation? Is there anything that can truly say thank you?

So I am going to give you a few good ideas! I just went ahead and ordered some for my girls teachers. Hopefully I can get on top of it this year! And bonus they are all from the same site!!

Monogrammed Journal

Now I am a sucker for a good notebook. And these are seriously too good! They come with a great pen and the letters on the front are incredible. This will look great on any teachers desk, and they will love having such a great place to write down their notes!


Monogrammed Mugs

These mugs are seriously too cute. I just ordered some for my girls teachers, and may have ordered one for myself. These tiled mugs are so classic looking, and just have a great high end look. And right now they are on sale, so… BONUS!

But they are so unique, that they would make the perfect gift for that special teacher in your kids life!


Small Desk Globe

I mean how cute is this little globe! It’s such a great cute little something to add in their room. Yes I know, usually their desks and rooms and cluttered with all kinds of stuff but this is just too cute to pass up. I wonder how many times I can say “cute”?!? 🤔

This is something small and easy to add that little pop of color, and give a special little touch.


Stojo Collapsible cup

How great would this little cup be for that teacher who has her hands full walking into school?!? She can easily slip this into her bag all folded up, and fill it up with water when she gets to school. It’s fantastic for that person on the go!


Small Facemask and Roller

Do you know that your teacher loves to relax, get her nails done, or if she goes to get a massage? Use this cute little set with a gift card! I know who my girls teacher goes to get her nails done, so this would be perfect with a gift card for that. These rollers are fantastic for your skin. You pop it in the fridge, and after you cleanse and moisturize you use this roller. It has so many great benefits. It increases firmness and helps prevent small lines and wrinkles. Plus who doesn’t love a good eye mask?


Face Masks

Here is something you can add in the with facial roller! These great masks. You can use these in tandem together. There are so many different masks you can choose from.

Who doesn’t like a good facemask at night with a nice glass of wine? It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day.


Speaking of wine…

How about this super cute wineglass?!? Get her one or two of these, plus a fantastic bottle of wine. It would be such a great simple gift. And these glasses are fantastic! They are so subtle, yet are a good statement piece. I love them!


Ok, so hopefully you were able to get a few ideas! And I did them all from one site so it’s easy to shop. But feel free to do your own browsing! Anthropologie has so many great options for gifts. It’s a one stop shop!

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