McCormicks Creek- The perfect little getaway

For fall break we usually don’t go anywhere as a family. It’s too hard to plan going somewhere without knowing how harvest is going to go. And once harvest starts I can’t pull my hubby away from here for the life of me!

So when my mom called me one day and asked if we wanted to take the girls on a little trip for a few days to McCormicks Creek, I said definitely!  This place is always somewhere I will remember going as a kid.  To me I remembered and held this place so close to my heart, because of all the memories made here. 

McCormicks Creek State Park is in Spencer, IN.  It’s a small town, but has this gorgeous state park, with this old hotel.  You can rent cabins, or camp as well.  But the hotel is where so many memories are made.

The first day we got there, we unpacked our bags and put on our hiking gear and hiked to the falls.  This hike is one of my favorite memories.  The serenity, and raw beauty of it all always stuck out with me, and stuck with me.  My girls loved it!  It is a quick little walk from the hotel, not a challenging hike by any means. 

Now of course I had to carry my 5 year old across the big rocks to get to the other side of the falls.  My mom was yelling at my the whole time from up on the lookout to be careful.  haha.  But I wanted the girls to get up nice and close.  To really see the falls, and hear the falls.  I seriously could have sat there all day, and just relaxed.  Brought a good book and lost myself in it.  But a 5, 8, and 67 year old wouldn’t let me. 

How gorgeous is that!?! And I was able to get some really good pictures of the girls.  Which isn’t easy let me tell you.  But its almost like they could feel the serenity of it all too, they were helping each other and being really sweet to each other.  Which was a very nice change of pace! 

The next day was my favorite activity; horseback riding! We didn’t tell the girls we were going to do this till that morning.  Mainly because (and any moms will totally get this) I didn’t want to deal with all the questions, and the constant, “Is it time to go yet?”  But when we did tell them they were so excited!

Rylan was too little for a big trail ride, so she got to go first on a little pony ride.  Its a parent led ride around their barn a few times, and although it wasn’t very entertaining for me she loved it!!  Her ponies name was Minnie, and needless to say she called her daddy that night and asked for a pony. 

Next up with Kenley and I’s ride.  My mom and Rylan saw us off then they went back to the hotel till we got done.  The ride was a 45 minute trail ride.  Kenley got their biggest horse, who was their most well trained and relaxed they said.  And that gentle giant was perfect for Kenley and her first ride ever.  It was all so calming again and just gorgeous, riding through those changing trees and over those little creeks.  Oh my gosh I could go back right now.  But my goodness, I forgot how much a saddle hurts your booty. 

After we got done riding we walked back to the hotel, and all went to lunch. The hotel has its own restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They always have a huge spread on their buffet, as well as menu items.  And this is what I will always remember the most about this hotel; the restaurant is surrounded by windows with these huge bird feeders.  Its in the back of the building so it’s all facing the woods.  And as you are eating these gorgeous birds are flying around eating out of these feeders.  Its another peaceful way to spend your time.  Until your 5 year old breaks the peace with her whining about not wanting to eat. 

Anyways; after lunch we got into the car and went to the Nature Center.  It was such a fun place for the girls to go and see, and to see the history of it there.  There was a big school group that came in towards the end of us being there so we cut it short a little bit, and took a quick drive into town to look around.  

That night we ordered in some pizza from Pizza Hut… yum… stuffed crust!!!  We sat down in the lobby, which has tables set up, and a big cabinet of games.  As well as a fire place going all the time.  While my mom and I finished up eating, the girls were looking for hidden gems.  The front desk staff hides a few little stuffed critters around, and if the kids find them they can take them to the front desk and pick a little prize.  

How stunning is the place all lit up at night?!?! So pretty!! I totally forgot to get a good picture of it in the daylight.  

The next day we packed up and hoofed it home. Just two nights away but so many memories made in that time.

If you are looking for a weekend family getaway, I will always recommend McCormicks Creek. Your kids will make so many pure memories there that it is so worth it! During the summer, they do have an outdoor pool. There are tennis courts and lots of outdoor things to do as a family.

Now don’t hunt me down with pitchforks and fire for saying this, but to me, this kind of trip is so much better than Disney. There I said it, it’s out there! But it’s so true, these kinds of trips to me are just a little bit more meaningful. Now don’t get me wrong, we plan on making a trip to Disney in the next year. But that will probably be it for us. I would rather take the girls to places like this, or Denver to see the mountains, Pheonix to visit my family and see how it is out there. Maybe I’m crazy but that’s how I feel.

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