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The Perfect Winery outfit

This past weekend I went with a few girlfriends to a winery the state over. If you are around the Northwest Indiana area you know that driving into Michigan for the wineries is totally worth it! L

Now, I’m not a wine person. I would love to be. But there is something in wine that causes me to have a HUGE headache. So I steer clear! But I am always up for a fun girls day and just getting out for a bit.

So off we went to the Roundbarn Winery in Michigan. It was a little under two hour drive for us. Not bad at all.

But you know I had to pick the perfect outfit for it all right?!? Any excuse to dress up cute is a good excuse in my opinion.

I think you can guess where the majority of this outfit is from!

That’s right… American Eagle. This high waisted stretchy skirt was so so comfortable. Like crazy comfortable. And this simple neutral sweater paired with it perfectly!

These Over the Knee boots from Target were the perfect stamp on this outfit. Signed, Sealed, and delivered y’all. The are very true to size, and the tie in the back works to tighten them up enough so they don’t fall on ya!

This hat is another great item from Target. I do believe everyone should have a hat like this in their closet. It’s a great statement piece to have, and can make so many outfits look so put together by just throwing it on!

I could have worn this same outfit for days on end! It was such a fun day with amazing friends, and I can’t wait to make it a tradition!!

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