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Target Coats

Target really knocked it out of the park with their coats this year!

I am so excited about these. And trust me when I say I wanted to take all of the home. It was not an easy decision.

Somehow though I lost a picture of one of my favorites and I’m so mad! But I will show you the few that I tried on a showed you all!

They all fit very true to size, and we’re very comfortable. I did have a thin long sleeved waffle knit shirt on under these that day.

I am still so mad at myself for not getting the top one, the chambray denim with the Sherpa lining! Because… I mean do I really need an explanation?!?

And that bottom black cozy coat was sooooo good! You can see the tan one behind me there. (That’s the picture that I lost) and it was just as good. They were heavy without feeling super heavy. And they would definitely keep you warm. No problem!

I was so torn on which one to get and then on my way to the register I saw this beauty. I tried it on and that was it. She went home with me!

This plaid coat is incredible. It looks like it wouldn’t be too warm but trust me it is. It’s not thick, but feels thicker. If that makes any sense at all!

But if your still in the hunt for a good coat, then go to Target. They are all too good! And best new yet… they were all under $50!! That’s crazy awesome! Go run to target ASAP!

Now I’m going to throw another coat in the bunch. It’s not target but it’s too good not to share!!

My girlfriend Melissa calls this the “Kramer coat” Get it? Like from Seinfeld?!? This coat was so warm it’s insane! There is no way to describe it honestly! It was on the heavier side, and a little bit more expensive. The tag price was around $150, but the quality was there for sure!

If your looking for a statement coat this is it for sure!

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