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August 16th, Friday 5’s

It’s been some time but I’m back with some of my favorites right now!! And trust me your going to want these!!

First up is of course… American Eagle/Aerie. I mean you knew there was going to be a few items from there right? It’s my go to place right now!


Now those who truly know me know how much I absolutely hate bras. I detest them. The wires underneath, and how uncomfortable they are in general. But ever since I discovered the Aerie bras I have become obsessed. I mean FYI, I’m wearing one right now and I’m staying here in my comfy clothes with no where to go today!

These are two of my newest ones! They are seriously so comfortable. They have no underwire, minimal padding, and are super soft. The white one is like a regular bra with the hooks in back, and the pink one is a pull over with no hooks. Both have great adjustments on them!


Next up is something new that has changed my hair! I have thicker hair, used to be super curly, and it’s always taken me so long to blow dry it. So most of the time I wouldn’t, I would let it air dry and then just throw it up in a bun because I just didn’t want to deal with it. Then I heard about this little baby!

This is the Revlon One Step Hairstyler. And when I blow dry my hair it has seriously never felt better! It’s so soft, and I don’t have to straighten it after if I don’t want to. It’s incredible! I am planning on doing a tutorial on it soon! If you don’t have this you neeeeeeeeeed it! Ok that may have been a little excessive, but really it’s incredible!


Now is a great item for your skincare. I haven’t been using this one long, but when I tell you my skin is absolutely loving it, I mean it. After only a little bit I can tell a huge difference in my skin. And I never realized how thirsty my skin really was.

It’s called Active Hydration by Rodan and Fields. Now get this… it instantly raises your skins moisture level by 200%. Seriously you read that right, 200%. Isn’t that crazy!!! And I can tell a major difference. This is now something with will continue to be included in my daily regimen.

Do me a favor and look up before and after photos with this product. I plan on posting mine soon on my Instagram page, and then will most likely be doing a skincare blog here soon to go over everything! But message me if you if you something you decide you want to add into your everyday routine. And believe me it is something you want!

4 & 5

And of course I will end this with more American Eagle/Aerie. Their leggings and T-shirt’s are my absolute favorite! I mean let’s be real all of their stuff is damn good.

These leggings are a pair I have had for awhile but haven’t shared. They are great and soft and have great detail to them! If you don’t like your leggings super super tight I would size up 1 in these. They have pockets which just adds to their greatness. And have a cuffed bottom to them.

And this T-shirt is one of their Aerie Soft tee-shirts. Honestly you can go wrong with any of their Aerie shirts. They are all absolutely incredible! They all wash great, are soft, and thinner so they aren’t hot at all. Super easy to style as well! Such a great T-shirt to have in your closet. Like every possible color.

That’s all for now

But keep checking back on the blog, and go to my Instagram to keep up with what I’m wearing, what I’m using, and just keep up with me!

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