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Our first show season is in the books

Well, we survived. Hog show season has come and gone for us. And I say for us because so many people are still going. But we thought for our first year that the couple of shows we did was plenty.

For our first year I would say that it went pretty well. The girls absolutely loved it, which is what its all about! Don’t get me wrong, the nerves were definitely all there, and we definitely don’t have anything totally figured out. But seeing the excitement they had coming out of that ring was all worth it.

I mean, of course they wore matching shirts right? My mom found these great button-ups in Kentucky, and I thought they were fantastic show shirt!! I do have a goal for next year with show-attire to find better jeans! My biggest pet peeve is when the jeans don’t touch the ground and with my tall older one, she definitely needs longer jeans.

I have always heard about the kids having a “show family” but it truly made sense after these few shows this year. We have most definitely found our show family with our great friends the Lakin family. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Alivia their oldest is also the girls babysitter, and they look up to her so much! And her little brother Toby is just as incredible.

Plus there are so many other families/friends who jump in constantly to help each other. The girls are lucky to have cousins, aunts, uncles, and the best of friends to surround them.

The knowledge and memories that Kenley and Rylan will be able to take away from is more than we can ask for. We all learned so much! Including me. Pigs are so not my thing. So this was an absolute learning game for me. The whole feeding thing and how truly complicated that is, walking them; or “driving” them, bathing them with special soaps. How much they love marshmallows, and animal crackers, and belly rubs. So much to learn.

And for the girls, they learned a little hard work. That they have to work for things they want. If they want to place well in the class, then they need to work hard with their pigs. To develop that relationship. They had to figure out when to look at the judge, and where to walk based on where the judge is. And how to handle the disappointment of maybe not placing where they wanted to. There is so much to learn.

Let me tell you that none of this would have been possible without my amazing husband! That man works tirelessly and endlessly for our family and those girls. He spent so many late nights in the barn working with those pigs on crazy things like haircuts, and extra feedings, and just so much. My hubby is one incredible man! And although I was happy when we were done, surprisingly I am excited for what next year will bring. My friend Kasey keeps telling me she will make me a stockshow mom yet, and I’m afraid that’s actually happening!

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