Friday 5 Favorites

June 21- Friday 5 Favorites

This time I think I am going to focus on items that should always be in your closet. 5 items that can help you make an outfit on a whim, and that will be great staples to have. Let’s be honest I can probably do at least 10 staples to have in your closet but I’ll keep it to 5.

First up: Yep, you guessed it. A white tee. A white tee is an absolute must in any closet. Its great for a day when you just want to wear a pair of jeans, some flip flops or tennis and run out the door. You can wear it with a nice pair of green pants, and a hat for a quick cute look. Do you need to just run to the grocery store and want to remain comfy? Throw that white tee on with a pair of joggers, or leggings and your good to go. It will be the most versatile item in your closet for sure.

I usually have at least 5 different white tees at one time. That sounds really excessive but it’s the way I roll, overdoing it is the norm for me. A basic white V-neck is number one on this list, the V-neck adds a different look to the tee. To me a V-neck is easier to dress up that a high necked tee. Next is a tee that is longer, so I can easily wear it with joggers or leggings. The next one is personal preference and not for everyone, but I really enjoy the crop tee look. I think it looks great with high waisted pants, I love to wear my crop with my green American eagle jeggings. And of course a high neck tee. Lastly, a long sleeved tee. For those times you need to be a little warmer!

Next closet must have:

A jean jacket. This will be one of your most versatile items in your closet. The ways you can wear a jean jacket are endless! A good quality jean jacket will last you forever, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more on this item. Typically a really good lasting jacket will be over $50, and could be well over $100. But believe me when I say that it will be worth it. And when I say a nice one I mean one without much distressing. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for those, but pick one out that you would be ok wearing to church.

They are great for putting over sun dresses, rompers, jumpsuits. A great pair of white jeans, cute shirt, and a jean jacket is a cute simple look. I push the envelope a little a love to wear mine with a pair of joggers and tennis shoes. You can wear a jean jacket in so many different ways that its seriously a must. I like a lighter washed jean jacket but that’s just preference.

Next up: Jeans

Yea yea, your probably thinking well duh. But, a pair of dark jeans needs to be in your closet. Why? For those times you need to dress things up a bit. A pair of dark jeans seems to be more acceptable for those times that you need to look nicer. A lighter wash jean is more casual in my opinion. Going to a casual event or a nice date night, but don’t want to get too dressed up? A nice pair of dark jeans and a great statement shirt and a pair of heals and your good to go! You need a good pair with no distressing in them, and I love to have a pair that is straight legged and a pair that is boot cut.

An oversized:

Sweatshirt. You need a great oversized sweatshirt. And if you find one that you love buy it in multiple colors. There is nothing like waking up late in the morning not knowing what to wear, and throwing on a pair of shorts and a great oversized sweatshirt. Or is that just me? haha Anyways a great sweatshirt can be worn so many different ways. Like I said with a great pair of jean shorts, or a pair of leggings/joggers. You can throw it on with your favorite skinny jeans and a cute pair of sandals. Throw you hair up into a high bun or pony, put on a little makeup and you look like you tried.

I wear my sweatshirts year round. It can be 100* out and a breeze comes through and all of a sudden I’m frozen. So I love to have a good sweatshirt with me pretty much all the time. Lots of different colors is key, then you can choose a sweatshirt based on your mood!

And lastly:

A pair of white tennis shoes. There is no better feeling than putting on a pair of pristine white tennis shoes. First of all, they will ALWAYS make your legs look tanner. That is a total win in itself right? Next, they just make you look so put together! Now I know most people don’t get white tennis shoes because of how hard they can be to actually keep white. But if you are diligent about not wearing them out when you’ll be around mud, or when its supposed to rain, and if you use a protectant spray then they are a great investment. They look great with jeans, jean shorts, joggers or sweatpants, leggings. So many things!

Everything on this list;

Can be worn together. If you have all of these items then you can have a great outfit right now! Always having staples in your closet is key, because you can throw something on quick with them and still look put together. Style them anyway you want! Whenever I hear someone say, well I can’t wear that. I say, “well why not!?!?! Just put it on and own it!” We have to remember that what we wear is our decision, no one else’s. I don’t need someone’s approval to put on a jumpsuit and rock it. So why should you? Wear what you want to wear and rock it!

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