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Newest A.E./Forever21 Haul

My love for American Eagle is growing stronger and stronger the more that I get from there. It’s almost becoming an addiction! Like this Thermal below is seriously gold! I truly don’t think I can talk about it enough, I am definitely getting more of these!
Jeans-So comfortable!
True to size
I’m wearing a size 4 Long, these have some great stretch to them
Shirt- Seriously insanely comfortable
Has more of a crop feel to it, so it will be best paired with high-rise jeans
True to size
Sweatshirt-Seriously amazing!
True to size, is a touch oversized but I love them like that
True to size-
I am wearing a size 4 Long,
they do have great stretch to them!
Tank Top- Madewell inspired
True to size
Tank Top- Madewell inspired and seriously so comfortable
True to size
I’m wearing a size 4 Long, they have really great stretch to them
Jeans-Fit like Butta (said with a crazy horrible Boston accent)
True to size
True to size, but now sure if I like the back of them, they tend to slip off
True to size
Fabric is incredible! No pockets though 🙁
Black Romper- So comfortable!
I mean… and it has pockets so its a must get right?
True to size
So soft, and love the lace detail! There is a slit on one side.
True to Size

I am loving doing these try-ons for you all, and I really hope you all enjoy them too!

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