Why you should drink Chia Water.

It’s Super Refreshing

This is one of my favorites especially in the summer. It is so simple with just 3 ingredients; Water, Lemon wedges, and Chia seeds. Seriously, that’s it! Chia have this gel-texture to them when they are added to a liquid, which might turn some off but I don’t mind it at all actually. Usually the night before I will make a bottle of this and let it sit overnight, then in the morning its perfect!

But seriously why?

I mean, why would you want to drink little gel balls? Well, I will tell you exactly why. The benefits are great! 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds is equivalent to 1 egg, so it’s a perfect alternative if your not a breakfast eater like me, or even if you are allergic to eggs as that extra boost you need. If you are trying to add more protein in your diet then this is a really easy way. I’ll add a graphic below that shows extra benefits, then you wont have to read my rambling 🙂

For me I will say what I noticed the most when drinking this on a consistent basis, is my stomach felt a lot better. Having a very angry tummy, that gets very upset easily. But I really did notice a difference with drinking this. With all of these benefits packed into these tiny seeds, why wouldn’t you want to try them.

Try them in:

Smoothies! Adding them into a smoothie is perfect, it gives your smoothie a little texture. Making overnight oats is another one of my absolute favorite ways to add these healthy little things into my routine. (My go to overnights oats recipe will come another day!) You can add them to your yogurt and granola bowls, mix them into your baking dough and batter. Then the ever so popular is a simple Chia Seed Pudding. You make this with Almond milk, Chia Seeds, and I add a little vanilla for flavor!

Any grocery store should have these in the baking isle. The ones I have pictured above I know say organic, but I honestly don’t care about that. This was just a nice big bag I recently got from Costco. I’m sure you can easily order them online as well anywhere!

So will you try them?!?! What can it hurt honestly? And have your kiddos try these out too! Think of all the great benefits these can add to their little growing bodies. Let me know if you try them and what you think! Remember to give it at least a good week or two to really notice the benefits yourself.

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