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Keurig vs. Ninja Coffee Bar

Ok, so before we get started I will leave a little disclaimer: I had Keurig for years. It made my cups of coffee without incident. But it stopped there. That is why I went looking for something else. My unhealthy obsession with Starbucks (which we don’t have anywhere around here) was becoming a bit of a problem.

After researching and looking around I saw the Ninja Coffee Bar (NCB) and was instantly intrigued, but maybe a little intimidated. I was used to sticking in a coffee pod pushing a button and that was it. This had so many more steps that needed to happen. Or so I thought.

Presenting the Ninja Coffee Bar!! Isn’t she a beauty!?!?!

Keurig Issues…

I loved my Keurig at the beginning! It was super simple made a basic cup of coffee. Nothing to really complain about. But then one day I realized I was out of pods before I left the house, and on the way home realized I totally forgot to pick some up so I drove through McDonalds and got a large decaf coffee. When I got home I added my creamer to it, and realized it was the best tasting coffee I had had in a long time! All that money I was paying for K-cups proved to be totally not worth it!

Not only that, but the Keurig Carafe I bought, and the reusable pods… None of them actually worked. Because the carafe would only work with a reusable pod, but the 3 reusable pods I bought wouldn’t work with the carafe. Growing more frustrated, I really started digging around looking for something else.

Enter the NCB

All the reviews that I found about this coffee bar were incredible! So, I did was is only natural and sold my Keurig and accessories on FB, and bought myself this beauty! The day my UPS guy brought this beauty to the door I could barely contain myself from ripping it right out of his hand! It was harvest time, my husband was in the field, and I made my first latte. To be honest I was like a kid in a candy store, a puppy with a new bone, my best friend Grace in Louis Vuitton store. You obviously get the point that I was ecstatic! I made this latte in a few min, it tasted just as good as Starbucks and was SO much cheaper!

One of my favorites to get. But kills the wallet!

Although I knew he could care less and that he was a little busy in the combine, I didn’t care. I called him up so excited that I could make my own latte’s now. As soon as I got off the phone with him I immediately got into Pinterest and started looking up recipes. And it all went downhill from there.

Just the taste alone…

The coffee was so much stronger and had such a better taste than the Keurig. It didn’t taste watered down! The fact that I could make a 1/2 pot of coffee and drink on it throughout the day was pure heaven. Usually I go on kicks of wanting just plain coffee, or wanting to make latte’s or something not so basic.

After having this for a month I may or may not have actually talked a girl out of getting a Keurig at Bed Bath & Beyond. She was talking about getting a new one with her boyfriend, but was hesitant because of how much the pods cost. I literally couldn’t stop myself, I walked over on the other side and asked her if I could show her the Ninja Coffee Bar and went on to explain all of its greatness. Needless to say I am almost 100% sure that I changed her mind.

Look at all those options!! Perfect Coffee pot!

This cold latte I have been making has been absolutely delicious! Making 1 a day isn’t unusual. And coming into Summer it will be seriously perfect! If you go to my Instagram page under my stories I have saved on my profile I have a step by step way that I make this. If I haven’t changed your mind on getting one of these beauties, then I urge you to go onto Pinterest and look up everything you can do and make with one of these. https://instagram.com/highmaintenancefarmers

The ultimate homemade Vanilla Latte

Now, I will post the link to this amazing contraption so you can go grab one yourself! You will seriously not regret it!!! Let me know if you have one and if there are any special drinks you make! https://amzn.to/2HQ0Gq2

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