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Anyone who knows me knows I love a good tan. And for my friends who really know me, I’m someone they come to with their tanning questions. In High School I may or may not have had one of those ridiculous too tan tans, the one you see those silly memes about. And during that time it wasn’t the healthy way to tan, it was all sun without sunscreen and tanning beds. I know I know so bad!

Fast Forward;

Now almost 15 years later (HOLY COW, now I feel really old!) and I am really learning to start treating my skin better. Although I still love laying out in the sun and getting that gorgeous sun kissed glow, and here and there I will sneak downstairs and lay in our tanning bed, (Yes, I even have my own tanning bed) I have an amazing collection of sunless tanners that are great!

My sunless tanning collection started after having my second little one Rylan. I started to really feel guilty if I got in the tanning bed because I knew I needed to take care of myself not only for me but for my girls. And instead of just starting out little, I went big and bought myself a spray tan machine. There was a local salon that did spray tans, and after going twice and paying $30 plus tip, I thought, well shit I can do this myself. So after lots of YouTube videos and reviewing I bought a machine and some solution and I was ready to go!

Spray Tanning:

This is a great way to get a deeper darker tan, but after a few months of doing a spray tan on myself twice a week I realized that it wasn’t a good everyday glow. It became more of a special event tan. Weddings, showers, quick weekend away, that sort of thing. Plus the whole process of spraying myself, then sitting in the solution for hours became very mundane.

So I started venturing out into the foams and lotions. Starting with a Norvell spray solution, when I was spraying myself, which went on like an absolute dream, naturally from there I decided, well hey I love this color lets try the Norvell Foam! The Venetian was the color I always used. I’ll add the link below for you. It was a fantastic foam and got the job done!


I like to switch things up. So, I kept hunting. Looking for good foams on Amazon that had good reviews was my route. I tried the St. Tropez, the MineTan Foams, the unfortunate Skinny Tan, which did neither make me skinny or give me a good tan. Some were decent, some were absolutely horrible to the point where I messaged the company. Then I found my next favorite!

Jergens tanning foam became my new favorite! It didn’t break the bank and had an amazing color that was super natural. So that became my go to for awhile! I’m pretty sure I recommended it to everyone I spoke with. So when I heard of this new lotion, I was pretty skeptical. Nothing could beat how much I loved the Jergen’s foam. Could it?


Should be named- Golden Goddess on your Skin. Yea… nevermind that doesn’t make sense.

Bondi Sands. Sounds like a strange name but its Australian based. Honestly, I cant remember where I first saw this and why it caught my attention. But man am I glad it did!

So what I use is the Bondi Sands 1 Hour express foam. The first time I used it, I wasn’t sold. At all. It goes on more as a stain than a foam, so it was a little harder to put on. There wasn’t much of a smell to it, it dried pretty darn quick, and was not tacky at all! I left it on for at least 2 hours the first time because I knew I wanted it a touch darker. After I got out of the shower I noticed a bit of color but nothing that wowed me. Instead of writing it off right away, I decided to give it a good two weeks.

This tanning face is BEYOND scary! This was only after 1 hour after application.

After the shower I used the building lotion. Once again I was a touch skeptical. But I gave it a good try. The lotion was hydrating, had minimal smell to it, had no transfer, and was not tacky at all! Color me intrigued now. After going to bed and waking up I noticed my tan was really nice. It was more so than the day before. I took a quick shower, and some of that tan washed away, so again I put on the builder lotion after my shower. And so became my routine.

Now remember, when applying this lotion it has some self tanner in it. Because of that you will want to wash your hands really good after you apply it. Doing this, will obviously wash off what is on your hands, and unless you like to have super pale hands compared to your goddess like tan, I have a tip for you. Take your tanning Mitt and on the other side (not the one you used the foam on) and apply a squirt or two of the lotion onto the glove and massage onto your hands. No more Powder hands!

So sold

Freshly bronzed… Such good color!!

The Bondi Sands buildable lotion has become a new staple in my arsenal of beauty products. I love the color it gives. And, man am I glad that I stuck with it. I found that when I used the tanning foam, when I got to my face if I used one pump of the old and trusty Jergens foam, and a pump of the Bondi Sands then it goes on so smooth onto my face. I’m sure if you wanted you could do that everywhere if you wanted a stronger color but I haven’t tried that yet. But for sure you do not want your face to be streaky, so adding a pump of the Jergens foam for me is absolutely KEY!

Now there is also a tan eraser lotion you can buy with all of this from Bondi Sands. But let me fill you in on a little secret. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That’s right! That little white rectangle is gold for those who tan frequently. It will wipe away anything! You can bet its a lot cheaper than other stuff too.

Basic Tips and tricks: Overview

No matter what lotion or foam you use here are a few things to look for and a few things to remember:

  • Foam is your friend- Repeat that with me… FOAM IS YOUR FRIEND! Its the easiest way to tan yourself. Easier than a tanning lotion, and so much easier than sprays
  • You HAVE to have a good glove! If you don’t have a good glove at that moment, order one. While you wait for your glove you can use a plastic glove with a fluffy sock as an alternative.
  • Don’t think just because its expensive means that it must work the best. So not the case!
  • Sometimes your skin will respond differently, and the color may show up a little different. Totally normal, and out of anyone’s control
  • If any lotion or spray turns your skin a greyish blue, chances are the spray/lotion is out of date
  • Yuuuupp… that’s right, even tanning lotion/spray can expire. Especially sprays!
  • Get that lotion/foam into your hairline. It wont change your haircolor I promise! Then use a little dry shampoo to soak up the oil.
Step 1: Get yourself a newborn calf. Step 2: Use Bondi Sands tanning foam. Step 3: Take an adorable photo with previously said calf


Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Lotion Bondi Sands 1 Hour Foam Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt Jergens Tanning Foam Spray Tanning Machine This tanning machine isn’t the one I had but this is the one I would buy now if I needed to purchase a new one! Norvell Venetian Tanning Foam

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  1. I’m loving this!!! My first spray tan was on your bathroom. Although I take good care of my skin, with spf, I do enjoy days laying out in the sun for a bit!!! Thanks for the recommendation! You’re doing great 👍🏼

    1. caitlinhamstra says:

      Girl and because you take care of your skin that tan stuck to you like glue!!! I wish I hadn’t abused mine so much growing up! Thanks girly!

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