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My Favorite Beauty Products

I love sharing my favorite and most used products with anyone that will listen! So here you go with links to use!

Tanning Foam Perfection:

First, I’m going to go over my favorite tanning lotion. The one I use the most is something that is really easy to get and really reasonably priced! I have used so many different tanning lotions, sprays, and foams and this one comes out on top for sure! The Jergens Natural Glow Foam is amazing! It goes on very smooth, and has immediate color so you are able to see what areas you have went over. I will do another post soon about all of my favorite tanning items, for indoor tanning, outdoor tanning, and sunless tanning! But for now, here is the link to this on amazon!

Dry Shampoo=Life

If you know me you know I live for dry shampoo. Every single night before bed I douse my hair in dry shampoo till it’s white, then I go to bed. I have thicker hair that is wavy and tends to get out of control. It takes a long time to style. I used to blow dry and straighten it all the time, almost every wash I spent the next hour working on my hair. Now I try to let it air dry as much as possible so I can let it continue to grow in a healthy manor. I have used almost every kind of dry shampoo out there, and this one is by far my favorite! And again it’s really easy to get! The brand is Herbal Essences, it really doesn’t matter the scent it’s all about preference. The link for this is here:

Facial Cleanser:

Something we all use. This one is easy on the skin, and oil free. It takes makeup off really easily, you don’t have to scrub much at it or scrub at your mascara. There are different kinds for different skin types. All you need with it is your favorite cotton balls/rounds and you are good to go. Here is the link:


This lotion is multi-functional. Now I am sure you are wondering what the heck does that mean! Well, its an amazing lotion and leaves you feeling so silky smooth, it smells absolutely incredible, and its known to keep away mosquitos. I am sure that you have seen this lotion on Pinterest somewhere. And by summer it will always be sold out everywhere, and on places like amazon here and other places that will have it the price will be crazy high! So go now… like RIGHT now and get some! You wont regret it!! So far I have 4 bottles saved for this summer for our entire family, and I plan on getting more. Follow the link below to help keep away those pesky mosquitos while not smelling like you like you doused yourself in Off, all the while having silky smooth skin.

Brow Perfection:

Next I’ll go over a few of my favorite items that I keep in my cosmetic bag. Starting with my Brow Pomade. My brows are all jacked up, always have been. My bulbs never grew in, and what did grow in are uneven. I have been drawing them in for years!! This Anastasia Brow Pomade is my absolute favorite. I use the medium but there are different colors to match what you need. I also use the Anastasia brow brush. It is so precise while doing my brows that it’s an absolute must! And the spooly on it is fantastic! I will link both for you! Brow Pomade: Brow Brush:

Set that:

Now with the Brow Pomade you absolutely have to get Younique Setting Powder! I use this everyday that I put makeup on, which these days seems minimal! It’s incredible for my brows to keep them in place without getting smudged throughout the day. It works on your entire face to set in your makeup, including lipstick! Now I am sure that you all have a Younique presenter that you know. But I will hook you guys up with the one that I buy from. Her name is Heather and her handle is the Glam Outlaw. Her Instagram handle is @glam_outlaw. She is absolutely incredible and so knowledgeable!! Here is her website is

Got circles:

And while you are visiting her website I will give you something else to grab! There is a splurge eyeshadow cream that I use for under my eyes. I know that sounds weird but it’s great for the circles under your eyes! It covers them up perfectly, and is really really light on your skin. To me it’s lighter than a concealer. I use my Younique liquid foundation brush to apply it, and I don’t have to use much at all. Now the color that I use I believe may be discontinued, but Heather I’m sure can hook you up with a color that is similar that will do the same thing. Don’t forget to grab the Liquid Foundation Brush while your at it too!


Now, speaking of concealer. If you need a really good one, that Tarte Concealer. I love this stuff. With the application stick it is really easy to put on and making sure you get it exactly where you want it. It blends in really well and is not as heavy as others I’ve tried! Plus, and I know this will sound kind of weird, but it has a pleasant smell to it!

Perfect Addition:

I will go over 1 more thing that I have come to love! It’s a facial mist that has become a big part in my makeup routine. This Rose Water facial mist can be used in so many ways. So, before I use the Anastasia Brow Pomade I mentioned earlier I actually spray my brow brush with it to help the pomade go on smooth. I also spray it on my foundation brush before I apply my liquid foundation for the same reason. Is this a necessary step? No. It is just something that I have come to really like using. And of course it’s a great facial mist to give yourself an extra little boost! Link:

I have many other items that I absolutely am obsessed with, so I am sure this won’t be the only post like this! Let me know if you try any of these products and what you think.
**The links that I am using are affiliate links and I may receive some compensation if you purchase through the link.**

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! What an honor!
    Thank you! I’m so excited for your new journey!! I’ll be following this daily!! Thank you so much for recognition, as always, you’re greatly appreciate 💜

    1. caitlinhamstra says:

      You are a Rockstar at what you do and deserve major recognition! Thank you for the support mama! 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m stocking up on the Johnson’s Baby oil NOW! But I have a feeling my neighbor might have a stash…😜

    1. caitlinhamstra says:

      haha no worries girl I’ve got ya covered! 🙂

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