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My husband is in hog heaven! My girls are getting old enough to get into 4-H. Which means that we will be visiting hog farms, and he will be picking out that perfect little piggy for the girls. All through HighSchool he worked at a local hog farm after school, and then after college he worked at another local hog farm for years. When he was in 4-h he showed pigs, and he still talks about how much fun he had during that time. So his love for these stinky creatures goes way back!

I don’t like pigs…

At all. I despise the huge, smelly animals. When we went this weekend to our friends place to look at their babies, my nose was covered 90% of the time. It’s just too much for me. Now don’t get me wrong, the baby pigs, OH MY HOLY CUTENESS!!! I even picked a few up myself to hold. (GASP!) I mean those little noses and tails, and they are just the perfect size to cuddle, it was way to hard not to pick them up.

Rylan is heaven!
This little face is just too cute!

My daughters were in heaven seeing these little cuties. I suppose even if I really don’t like pigs that it makes it all worth it! Right?!?! I mean look at that smile… that’s hard not to love! Although my oldest wouldn’t hold one so I could take her picture she really did love seeing them. But she was also too busy playing outside with our friends little ones to pay too much attention to what was going on inside the barn. These cuties are at our friends house, so for me I went to go visit with them. It’s always so nice when you get to catch up with friends, even if it is in a very stinky hog barn!

With 4-h just around the corner for us, I guess I need to suck it up when it comes to piggies. I don’t know if I will be going in many more hog barns to pick out these little guys, that may be left up to my hubby. But I will try and be the most supportive mom in the stands watching my girls show. They did get a taste of it last year at the county fair. And although my oldest isn’t too sure yet on it, my little one caught the bug early on! She’s been sucked in!

The girls with Alivia and their ribbons they won!
Kenley with Alivia getting ready to show!

Piggie Mentor

The gorgeous girl above is one of our babysitters. Her name is Alivia, and the girls absolutely adore her! This year for Christmas she even came over and brought the girls Christmas presents! The hubs and her dad Scott have been friends for years. And over the past few years with fair I have gotten to know her mom more and have fallen in love! She is a lot like myself, sarcastic and doesn’t put up with much. She is a girl close to my own heart.

Alivia was more than happy to have them tag along with her in the ring and to show them what to do. My girls have begun to see her more as an older sister and mentor than anything. And as a mom, I absolutely love that! This next coming year Kenley can show by herself in the ring as a Mini 4-Her. She seems excited to have a pig here at our house and to be able to walk it at night. So hopefully it means good things to come! And hopefully she will stick with it all!

All ready to show- 2018

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